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My 7 Day Juice Fast....

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

So I decided to begin 2020 with a juice fast.

I put on extra kilos last year & have been feeling tired & achy, even waking up tired!

I want to start 2020 with a clear mind & a clean body. I feel that this process needs a sense of mindfulness & slowing down. A wonderful way to begin this decade.

I have always known how wonderful juicing can be for your health & your mind. My sister has had a cold compress juicer for over 10 years & juices every morning. So, it has been on my radar.

Recently my beautiful best friend Laura bought a juicer, she is SO GOOD at doing research so I was a copy cat & bought the same one as her...thank you Laura!!

(By the way, neither Laura or I are affiliated with Kuvings or Julianne Dowse)

To prepare I started having a juice once a day about 2 weeks before day 1. One week before I upped it to 2 juices a day & had a light dinner (I am vegetarian) I also stopped having my morning coffee, replacing it with a herbal tea.

Day 1 was January 1st 2020.

I am following a juice plan by Julianne Dowse free from her website here

There is also a fabulous shopping list for the whole 7 days, makes it easy to shop

Today is day 2 & all the juices I have had so far are really yummy! Combining fresh fruits, herbs & vegies in great combinations.

I felt really good this morning, much better than I expected from all the reading I have done. Most say day 1-3 are challenging. Flu like symptoms, headaches etc.

I think perhaps my daily meditation practice of 45 minutes supports me well here to.

I have been for a great walk at St Andrews beach today with Brian which helped to clear my lungs warm my skin & feel so grateful to be alive!

Now I have a vague headache & feel a little early night for me I am sure!

I wanted to share some photos with you. One of the amazing colours produced from all the healthy yummy fruit & veg.

And beautiful St Andrews Beach all to ourselves!

I look forward to sharing more of my 7 day juice fast with you!

Love Felicity X

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