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  • Felicity Carson

Day 3 of my 7 Day Juice Fast

Today I woke up surprised heh heh! I actually feel ok...

Most documentation I have read says days 1-3 are & I quote "a bitch"!

Last night I had a headache that gradually got a little worse, I drank heaps of water & went to bed & woke up without a headache. Today I am feeling a tad light headed but that's about it. It seems I am very lucky!!

I actually don't feel hungry at all either, it is a little strange really!

I do feel very fortunate, especially at the moment in Australia with so many fires burning & so many people have lost everything, some their lives, family members & pets also. It is so traumatic. I am in awe of the many fire fighters risking their lives for our country.

I hold space for everyone in my meditations each morning & I invite you to as well. The more of us praying (or your choice of support) together the more powerful our intentions.

Mindfulness & gratitude stay with me when I am preparing my juices for the day. The plentiful food I have, the Earth, Mother Nature, the farmers who grew it, & brought it to the markets for me to buy.

It really is a miracle many of us take for granted every day, maybe even quickly eating our food to get onto the "next thing"

A society of rushing, wearing a badge of honor being "busy"

I decided to do my fast starting the 1st of January as I am not working so much this week. I wanted to be very mindful completing this fast.

Slowing down, setting the pace for 2020.

So as I chop all the beautiful colourful fruit, veggies & herbs I take my time. If I feel myself wanting to hurry up I deliberately make myself stop all together & breathe for a few minutes.

Ground myself with my breath & 5 senses ...feel the gratitude...acknowledge the process of bringing all this to me. Then drinking my juices slowly, savoring every mouthful. It is a meditation all of its own.

Lets all take a moment to sit quietly & send Love, Prayers & Strength to all of those affected by the fires in Australia. Pray for an end to the fires.

Love Felicity X

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