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  • Felicity Carson

Mindful Meditation While Walking

So pretty much everyone these days has heard of meditation, heard the mindfulness banter (I love that Eckhart Tolle says it should be called "mindempty"!)

So, what do you actually think meditation is? Do you have to sit in complete stillness & put up with cramps, pins & needles...maybe even pain....all in the name of meditation? Every time you meditate?

Actually, no, you don't. You aren't a monk on a mountain far away from this world of chaos.

There are many forms of meditation. Sure, you can sit on your cushion in stillness, going to the most divine still space within...Self. I do this for 45 minutes every morning. It is my gift to me. I have been meditating for 40 years off & on & now teach meditation & coach students who are training to be meditation teachers. It is the best part of my day (along with spending time with Brian :-))

But, it isn't the only way to meditate.

Here, I am going to share with you the beautiful technique of Walking Meditation. It is a form of moving meditation.

Have a think about all the walking you do in a day. (if you can't walk, you can also do this form of meditation in whatever way you move about your day)

Walking Meditation is being completely present with what it is you are doing, while you are walking or moving. You can do this form of meditation whether you are moving through a beautiful forest or from the car to the fact, anywhere!

In this form of moving meditation we pay attention to the movements our bodies are making. Slow it down & really feel the muscles & tendons that are working to move your body. The thought processes that happen, allowing your body to move.

Feel your breath as you move. Pay attention to what is happening around you using your senses. The sounds you can hear....what do you see...smell..can you feel the temperature on your skin? Perhaps the warmth of the sun, or the coolness of the breeze or rain. Let yourself go within, how are you feeling? What is happening on the inside of your body?

In other words, simply be completely present while you move. Be in complete awareness of what is happening right here, right now.

We often can miss so much! Being in a hurry to get somewhere or do something.

Try slowing down, experience life to the full!

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