Reiki & Intuitive Light Healing

I am a Reiki Master/Teacher, Sound Therapist, Aromatherapist, Crystal Light Healer

Sessions are $120 an hour in person or distant healing

Please contact Felicity to Book ph 0400 039 631

Due to COVID no Face to Face appts at this time

One on One Sessions with Felicity

A One on One session with Felicity is specifically tailored to your needs. I am a RN1, have been a meditating for 40yrs, a meditation teacher & meditation student teacher coach at the Australian Centre for Meditation & Mindfulness, Reiki Master, Crystal Practitioner, Sound Therapist.

I can support you in bringing mindfulness & meditation into your daily life, empowering you to connect to your own intuition to bring clarity & connection to your life.

Sessions are $120 an hour

** Til the end of 2020 $80 an hour

Due to COVID calls are via Zoom

One Day Beginners Meditation Workshop

Suitable for everyone who would love to bring Meditation into their lives. Fees $125 including handouts, morning/afternoon tea, light lunch, herbal teas, cushions & blankets. BYO water bottle

**$50 deposit secures your place

Due to COVID none scheduled 

Contact Felicity to book ph 0400 039 631

On Line 4 Week Beginners Meditation Course

Have each week of your course delivered to your inbox every week for 4 weeks. Access to a closed Facebook group for support from me & all my members & over 30 meditation recordings.


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Chakra 7 Week Course 

Each week is dedicated to one of the 7 main Chakras. Exploring mental, physical & emotional responses to an unbalanced Chakra, and the avenues available  to re-balance through meditation, essential oils, crystals, affirmations, lifestyle, & much more.

There will also be a Guided Meditation each week for the Chakra we are exploring

Every week you will receive a Crystal & another part to your comprehensive manual & also have the opportunity to purchase an essential oil blend to balance your own Chakras.

Fees are $220 - including Crystals, Comprehensive manual, herbal teas, water, cushions & blankets. Mondays 6:30pm-8pm

Due to COVID no dates at this time

Relaxation Meditation Retreat

Clear your Mind, Relax your Body & Find your Soul

Spend a day in quiet Relaxation with Relaxation, Sound & Moving Meditation,  Journalling, Essential oils for relaxation & Meditation.  

Exploring take home tools for relaxation in your everyday life.

This day is designed just for you to relax & unwind from your busy life & allow yourself some time for you.

There is now so much scientific evidence that Meditation & relaxation are good for you. Evidence shows that Meditation & relaxation can help lower your stress levels, & in turn improve your health & well-being.

This is a beautiful gift to yourself or family or a friend

Fees $125 including morning/afternoon tea & light lunch. BYO water bottle

**$50 deposit secures your place

Due to COVID no dates at this time

Vision Board Workshop with Meditation

An afternoon starting with Guided Insight Meditation then time spent creating a Vision Board for your future, finishing the day with a closing Meditation. Afternoon tea & all supplies to create your Vision Board are provided. Fees $60 prior payment pp

Due to COVID not dates at this time


Reiki Level 1 First Degree

Reiki 1 is your introduction to Reiki. This level 1 attunement will enable you to practice self Reiki & Reiki for friends & family. 

Reiki 1 is open to anyone.

Fees  $300

Due to COVID no dates at this time


Reiki Level 2 Second Degree

Reiki 2 enables you to practice Reiki as a practitioner, therefore giving Reiki to others in a professional manner. 

Reiki 2 training requires a Reiki 1 certificate.

Fees $325

Due to COVID no dates at this time

Monday Morning Meditation

Meditation for Women living with a cancer diagnosis 10am Monday morning $10pp

Dues to COVID no face to face classes at this time


Tuesday Night Meditation

There is a Guided Meditation every Tuesday at 6pm. $15pp

Due to COVID no face to face classes at this time

Tranquil Meditation Tribe Fb Subscription Group

Guided Meditation every Tuesday night at 7pm & regular classes via Fb Live & Zoom[0]=AT3hnqF1Wj9X9W8FGbnoie9YDxs5VcQ-cV5ayPS3zS7dI8FKtaXVM_szL0YkTW5sCWUcqbHyrDepydf9mqsSVWF2QUYbU9wlJkXIuS5XKB09HLyLQJR0jbcsvTwqltPuZbzGWYR6XaauaLAxKr88v8fNIrcNkBtUXewRtKiKn1ylO7eeKNumSLwWiSPi

Then Ask to join Here[0]=AZWYw8GL3KzgNu2jRlOZdFJV_6HVv0sshtwRHdy4ILwTDYTFqxJdsNAwhthJ2g2NINneByEK6iOFd7a1O5KUQLPODNiEk6vmEdJNsobvAJS71AnxQDwUQ_jMu5EEcIaW1Y8n6eVqYkAa4cv7m2F4tTKfSfpCJaSB2l-TKdg4YRQpog&__tn__=-UK-R

During COVID $40 til the end of 2020

Usually $99 a year

Cancellation Policy 

*Please note all fees for Classes, Retreats & Workshops are nonrefundable 2 weeks prior to course commencement.

$50 non-refundable deposit for all courses confirms your place.