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My name is Felicity Carson. I have been a Registered Division 1 Nurse for 35 years, specialising in Surgical and Breast Care Nursing. 
My work with patients in hospital and those living with a cancer diagnosis, has lead me down the path of healing modalities such as Meditation, Reiki, Crystal & Sound Healing, Acupuncture and Ayurveda.
I believe in a balance of Western Medicine and Natural Therapies. The modalities I practise are such a beautiful and gentle support to our everyday lives, giving ourselves the support we need to sustain Wellness in our mind, physical bodies and spirit. 
I am a Member of the Meditation Association of Australia & the International Institute of Complimentary Therapies. 

I have not felt this relaxed for a long time and my brain feels so clear. Jackson Browne said "These times in these days, there is a feast for the senses, but there is a famine for our soul." Today I got to feed my soul. Thank you Felicity. - Paul.


Wonderful Workshop Felicity, no stone left unturned with all the finer details, writing material, water jugs, blankets, cushions etc etc. 

What makes the Workshop great is being able to follow material presented with a workbook that can be referred to later. Sharing your own personal experience & examples is appreciated. - Kate


I can do it!

I always thought meditation & mindfulness was for others & that I wouldn't be able to do it.

I didn't realise that making a promise to yourself to meditate is essential to being successful. It makes you a better person. Thank you for making me powerful in realising change comes from within. - Janine.


I really enjoyed your Workshop, especially the variety of the Workshop; interactions, practice, your knowledge, the people, the yummy oils etc. I will not fall out of the habit of meditating again. - Tracy.


If only everyone would try this & believe in it the world would be a better place. Thank you Felicity for opening up your home and bringing this to Somerville. I will highly recommend this & YOU to all I know. A wonderful experience without a doubt. - Linda.

Felicity you put a lot into your practice & demonstrate how to live in a wholesome & honest healing way. I love it! Thank you, I am feeling Tranquil. - Pat.


Thank you so much for literally changing mine & my family's life. - Sarah.


Thank you Felicity I really really enjoyed & looked forward to this course every week. it's helped me tremendously and has taught me some big life lessons. I loved it!!! - Marie


It was wonderful, all the additional things you did to make it a great experience. The cushions, blankets, drinks, plus the gift of the crystals, Thank you.- Gillian. (Chakra course)


I think this course was amazing, you did everything in your power to show thought & love in making everything comfortable & fun. Our group was amazing & I think we all felt the love provided by you :-) Hugest value for money ever. You went way beyond what you needed to do, well done & thank you.-Tara.

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