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5 Steps to a Daily Meditation Habit

So, all the research happening around meditation is showing us that to reap the benefits (& there are many!) we need a "daily habit"

So lets cut to the chase.

You have decided to give meditation a go.

Where do you start?

Here are 5 steps to start you off creating a daily Meditation habit

1. When will you meditate?

We are all creatures of habit. For example if you think about your routine in the morning it is more than likely you do similar things. What is your morning habit? The easiest way to create a new habit, is to attach it to an old habit! So, lets say in the mornings you get up, have a shower, get dressed, have your breakfast. Somewhere in there you can choose to meditate for a few minutes to begin with. Maybe after you finish your breakfast? Or maybe you drive to work every day, turn off your car & sit for 5 mins & meditate, then go into work. It might be after you have read the kids their bedtime story, just before you go to bed, there are many opportunities throughout the 24 hours you have in every day to give yourself time to meditate. So step 1 is make a time to meditate

2. Find a place to meditate

Where will you meditate?

We know that to create a habit if we do something in the same place every day it will eventually become a habit.

So, same time, same place. It doesn't have to be an elaborate space. It might be sitting in your car, on your favorite chair in the lounge, I know people who have created a space in their laundry, a young Mum of 3 who made her walk in robe her meditation space. Before I had my meditation room I kept a European pillow between my bed & bedside table, I pulled it out, sat on it leaning back on my bedside table for support.

So step 2 is, find a place to meditate, same place, every day.

3. Set a Reminder

I couldn't tell you how many people tell me they forget to meditate.

Empirical evidence shows us that it takes a certain amount of time for we humans to create a habit, (it used to be said it was 21 days, now we aren't sure, maybe more, I think we are all unique & perhaps it takes different amounts of time) Days in a row of doing the same thing before it becomes a habit.

So, set a reminder to meditate. This can be done so easily these days! Your phone, your watch, whatever it takes.

So you don't forget to meditate, step 3 is Set a reminder

4. Create a Ritual

If we add something else into the mix, it will be even easier to create a meditation habit. Creating a ritual might be lighting a candle, some incense, smelling an essential oil, a piece of music, maybe turning your car off, or a particular meditation app (there are so many) Imagine. You just finished your breakfast, go & sit in your special lounge chair, light a candle sit back, close your eyes & meditate. The next day, you finish your breakfast, go & sit in your special lounge chair, light a candle sit back, close your eyes & meditate....the next day you finish your breakfast go & sit in your special lounge chair....

you get the idea. After awhile your mind will say...."ah, it's time to meditate"


Explore habits you already have (you do have them!) they are so much on auto sometimes we don't even realise we have them! It is about training your brain.

So step 4 is, create a ritual.

5. Set Boundaries

Your meditation practice is part of Self care. It is a gift to yourself. For you to feel the many benefits it needs to be a daily practice. 5 mins every day is better than 1 hour once a week. Set boundaries for yourself. If you are meditating at home where others live, tell them, please don't disturb me (unless the house is burning down!) Turn off your phone, or if you are using your phone for an app, put it on "Do not disturb" Make your meditation time a "not negotiable"

I trust these 5 steps to creating a daily meditation habit have been supportive for you

Here is a 5 min video of mine to get you started

Love Felicity xxx

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