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Essential Oils.

Next Sunday I have another Relaxation Meditation Workshop. There are 10 beautiful people attending. I like to keep my Workshops to no more than 10 so everyone has my attention and they can learn, or remember how wonderful it is to Meditate in a quiet and supportive atmosphere.

In this workshop we explore how to disconnect from this busy world when we want to, using techniques with our breathing, essential oils, accupuncture points and of course, Meditation. We will be tapping into the amazing world of essential oils, learning how to use this gift from nature to help relax and shut our minds off and enable us to Meditate. I love to make up a Meditation blend of essential oils and put them into a roll on bottle which is easy to use. Just roll it onto your palms, rub them together and inhale....bliss! Each participant has one to use, and then take home.

I have used essential oils for many years. Years ago I just put them in an oil

Pic 15.jpg
Pic 34.jpg

In my handbag I always have lavender for pretty much everything-headaches, stress, bites, scatches, burns. Chamomile for-inflamation, sunburn, rashes, peppermint for-sinus relief, stomach upset, nausea, hangover! and jasmine for- a pick me up, feel good oil, great for when you or someone around you is feeling flat. These are just a few interesting properties of these amazing oils.

I am lucky enough to now be a distributer of Buckley and Phillips, an all Australian family company who make beautiful pure essential oils.

There are so many wonderful ways to use oils in your life. In oil burners, vaporisers, diffuses, in candles, your shampoo, clearing sprays, body washes the ways are almost endless.

Have a play with them! I would love to hear what you do with essential oils. If you have any questions about essential oils, I am happy to help.

Enjoy your week! XX

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