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  • Felicity Carson

Reiki Mastership

For the last year I have been blessed enough to be working with my Reiki Master Jo so that I too may become a Reiki Master. I have been a Reiki Channel since 1995, awhile now! I did a refresher course with Jo last year, which further ingnited my passion for this beautiful healing therapy.

Over the last year I have spent many many wonderful hours with Jo. During these times spent together I have assisted her in teaching others Reiki 1 & Reiki 2, she has assisted me with Meditation Workshops, I have given many many Reiki treatment,s on my own, and also with Jo. (all of which I have documented) We have worked together giving Reiki to women living with cancer and also just spent time together. Often spending whole days together eating yummy food, discussing our own experiences, watching fascinating video footage and me asking her many questions! My Reiki Healings have changed so much, now incorporating Tibetan Singing bowls and essential oils along with many other beautiful experiences.

During the last few months I have been writing my Reiki manuals because once I finish my apprenticeship I will be qualified to teach Reiki to others, a huge priveledge. I have spent many hours reading, researching and culminating all of my experiences into manuals, with Jo's assistance and her own manuals to help me. It is a huge task and one I have really enjoyed. I will be so excited to be finished, but also a little sad, as I have loved spending such wonderful quality time with this amazing woman. She has taught me so much and has been so generous with her time and knowledge. She has become a beautiful close friend who I am sure will continue to be a big part of my life.

This photo is of Jo and I at one of my Meditation workshops, along with a few of our many Tibetan Singing bowls!

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