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  • Felicity Carson

Our Chakras

As I update my Chakra Meditation manual I am thinking about and working on my Chakras. It is an amazing journey for me, visulizing my students and how this is going to affect their lives. These energy centres contribute so much to our everyday lives. As an Acupuncturist I am aware of our meridians, bringing energy to all our organs, influenced by our genetic, environmental and emotional Chi. Our Chakras are energy centres too, they are said to have a memory of all the emotional experiences we have had throughout our lives, what a journey! As a (nearly :-) Reiki Master, I know I can feel these energy centres in my clients. I am feeling the lives they have lead, the lives they are now feeling and following. Such a priviledge for me. We all have our "stuff" I know I do too, it's a reality, it's life.

In Reiki I use Tibetan Singing Bowls to listen to your Chakras, I can hear the difference in the energy they are sending out, with Reiki I can feel the energy your Chakras are sending out. I feel very blessed.

The scientific evidence is large, and varied on all of this. But, I know what I feel is real. I am so looking forward to sharing this knowledge with my next group.

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