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  • Felicity Carson

My Mum and Dad

Today I went to visit my Mum and Dad, they are both in their early eighties. My 83 year old Mum, who was a teacher, read my new Website and picked up two gramatical errors which my husband (grammar police) and my Best friend Laura, (who sacked my husband and took over my editing because she found mistakes) missed! So I think it's my Mum's turn to do my editing! She had a good laugh over that one.

I am very lucky firstly to have amazing parents who are always there for me with support, love and good advice and who also accept me for who I am. I know I am blessed to have all of this, not everyone does. I thank God for my Mum and Dad every day.

This pic is my wonderful husband Brian and I on our wedding day with my Mum and Dad X

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